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    I was very unsure where to post this since there is no guide board for this type of thing. So if it belongs else where you have my permission to move it. Alright, so you are new to roleplaying and want to learn more about it. Well within time following and understanding the terms and how to use certain commands will make you a great roleplayer. Now lets get to it.

    Section One - Terms:

    Lets start with terms, there are many different terms used in most RP type of games. In SAMP there are a few that are mostly used.

    Roleplay or known as RP. The definition of this is pretty simple and you should know it before all else. You take on the persona of someone else, in essence taking control of a new person who you are not in real life. In other words you are rping another person entirely and need to focus on being a different person from a "gamer" as we all are. Seperate your personal real life world for a rp one.

    Out of Character:
    Out of Character or known as OOC. This word is simple, it means you are currently not RPing as your character but in turn are speaking as the player instead of the character.

    In Character:
    In Character or known as IC. This words term is another simple one to get the hang of. You are speaking as the character and not the player. Simple as that.

    Player Kill:
    Player Kill or known as PK. This words definition is a bit confusing as its wording. It is really simple once you understand its concept. Which this word means when you "die" ingame you don't actually die you just lose consciousness ending up in a hospital forgetting the past 30 minutes to 1 hour real life time of your previous RP. Server rules may vary the times on this so make sure to read those.

    Character Kill:
    Character Kill or known as CK. This words definition is really easy to guess. It is when your character has been permanently killed, no one likes to be permanently dead. Sometimes its better that way though, this also can depend on server rules. If a certain amount of officers are there and witness you dying it could mean a permanent death, normally though the player is asked if they wish to be CKed.

    Deathmatching or known as DM. This words definition is, when you kill without reason. This is relatively easy to understand, it is when you kill someone without a realistic reason behind it. Would you kill someone in real life over a dollar? I doubt you would. Make sure to have a good and valid roleplay reason to kill someone.

    Revenge Killing:
    Revenge Killing or known as RK. This words definition is another easy one to guess. It is when you get killed go back and kill that person for killing you. That is not a valid realistic reason for killing someone as you are PKed and have no memory of the person who killed you.

    Powergame or known as PG. This term is a bit more complicated, as it has really two meanings behind it. The first meaning is being forced into a roleplay situation, the second meaning is doing something unrealistic in your roleplay. I will give you some examples here of powergaming. Example 1 - /me punched billy to death, example 2 - /me steals Johns car. Now can you tell what is wrong there? If not let me explain. I punched someone to death without an attempt to give them any time to react to dodge the punch or anything really. I forced them to roleplay their own death, which being punched to death is really rare to find. The second time I stole someones car without breaking a window or checking if the door is locked rply first.

    Metagame or known as MG. This term can be explained really easily as well. It is using OOC information ICly, I will place a couple of examples here to show you what metagaming is. I am RPing with a guy who never gave me his name and I say "Hey billy wanna go be friends?" I never got his name RPly so therefore I metagamed using his name that I had due to me knowing it out of character. I could also do something such as if I was a police officer and suspected you without knowing your name or ever seeing you ICly. Meaning I never even saw your vehicles license plate, so I suspected you without knowing who you are.

    Bunny Hoping:
    Bunny Hoping or known as BH. This is simple when you sprint and jump to get some where faster, you wouldn't run and jump in real life so do not do it in RP.

    Chicken Running:
    When you sprint run in zigzags, to avoid being shot. Its best to run towards an object and hide behind it letting it receive the gun fire. You wouldn't run very fast in a zigzag formation to avoid being hit. Its just not very realistic.

    Rush Tazing:
    This is another easy thing to remember. When someone is firing or aiming a gun at you, and you think it would be a good idea to just taze them. Remember at that point it is threatening the life of an officer and force matrix calls for the person to either be killed or disarmed in order to save the officer and innocent bystanders. If you can keep them busy another officer can move in behind and taze them then, that is not rush tazing. Rush tazing only applies to the person being fired at.

    Car Parking:
    Another way to describe it is Car DMing. Pretty much it is when someone runs another player over with a car and leaves the car parked on top of them till they die. In real life you would hit the guy to avoid being killed but you couldn't actually park a car on top of someone unless it is really and I mean really lowered. In other words if they shot and you, and you hit them with a car and parked it on them you just DMed another player. If you didn't park it on them and drove off then it just becomes a way to escape from dying. Which escaping from death is a realistic motive and can be used as a defense RPly.

    Ass Pulling:
    Another easy to define term. It is when you pull a weapon out without any emotes or in other words a /me. Its saying you pulled a weapon from your ass without actually any RP from where it actually came from. It is best to get keybinds and bind a /me to pull your weapon out. Such as /me grabs the rifle from the gun rack on his truck window and clicks the safety off. That would be acceptable because you stated where it came from, and stated you took the safety off of it. Meaning now you can fire it and it was legit in how you came across this weapon.

    Crack Shooting:
    Using an animation exploit to shoot a desert eagle or shotgun faster than it is originally intend to fire. This is not something you could do in real life so lets focus on not doing this alright? Sounds good to me.

    Refusing Roleplay:
    Trying to avoid an RP because you don't like it doesn't mean you should refuse it. Using things such as alt tab, /q, or exiting the game to avoid an arrest, death, or an RP situation you don't like. If you are still upset or mad once the RP is over just log off and relax, and get your head back on right.

    Quick Swapping:
    This is where you swap your weapons to get a full clip without actually reloading. Lets not do this either, if you fire all your shots all lets not swap weapons to reload it. How about you allow your characters reload anim be known so people know you were not doing something you couldn't do in real life. I mean lets face it you can't just swap weapons in a gun fight to get a full clip in a chromed out .45 now could you, so just reload it the way it is meant to be reloaded.

    Driver Dirive-By:
    Driver Dirive-By or known as DDB. This term is very obvious as to what it means, don't use Q and E with an MP5 etc. Due to the drivers side auto aims and fires way to quickly. If you want to do a drive by allow the passengers to do it. Besides do you really think you can drive and aim a gun shooting in real life? I highly would doubt that.

    Section Two - Command Use:

    Alright so it looks like we got through section one. Now lets teach you the proper ways to use the commands.

    This command is to show how you emote ICly, in example to pull out a weapon. Using it as /me pulls his .45 out of the holster and clicks the safety off. That is one way to use the command. You could even use it to drink something to pick something up and another thousands of ways.
    This command you can put the persons name to allow others to know who you are speaking about. It is not considered powergaming since it is an emote and not your character actually talking.

    This command is another way to show an emote as you are doing, which means you can use it as an attempt with ((S/F)) meaning success or fail allowing the person to dodge. Here is an example /do attempts to throw a punch at Johnnys face ((S/F)). This gives them the chance to avoid being hit and getting into a defense position which allows an RP/Game Mechanic fight to start. It is not considered powergaming since it is an attempt and not your character actually talking.

    This command allows you to talk as the player in the local area instead of as the character. If you are speaking to an admin due to a report try to use this. To seperate others from thinking you are still RPing. Or if you just want to say hi to a friend OOCly you should use this to do that.

    This command allows you to Shout at someone as your character. You can go "/s Hey guy come back here!".

    In Character Chat:
    By pressing T without a command that is your Character talking, when you type a sentence in it you need to avoid doing this like this. Example - "Hey u ". You wouldn't say in real life "Hey letter U Colon Parentheses", would you now? Its best to type it like this "Hey you." Depending on things if you are not shouting at the person.

    Section Three - Advanced Roleplay:

    Now that we have passed most of the basic information. Let us get you more advanced and understand why and how some RP situations should work, and be handled.

    Being tazed:
    Alright when you get pulled over, you are a criminal known and wanted for certain things. You are asked to get out of the vehicle, and get tazed once you try to run away. At that point it kinda becomes a PG because in real life once someone is tazed they are a lot more cooperative, than you would realize. They wouldn't even really be able to fight back. Take it from someone who use to work in the LEO field. It is rare for someone to be able to withstand being tazed. Once tazed they can just /cuff because the fact of it is there is a /me with that command yes it is kinda a PG at that point but the truth is, you couldn't fight back even if you wanted to do so. When you tell an officer in /b learn how to RP you PGer, they didn't really PG since you wouldn't be able to fight back in real life.

    This is not as common as people think in Real Life, not even in Compton or Chicago. In real life a cop wouldn't recieve a call just to have him killed by four different people. Gangs are known for trying to stay away from the police. In other words don't just randomly kill a cop, if you want to kill a cop join a mafia or syndicate type family which involves kidnapping and murder out in Las Venturas areas. Thats normally something that has a good possiblity of happening. Normally if a gang member sees a cop come into their hood they run and try to warn the other members, so they can avoid being caught with drugs among other things.

    Being pulled over:
    Alright when you are pulled over it is best for the officer to ask you for your licenses and registration. It is best also before the RP fully starts for you to let them know in /do that your vehicles window is up or down. Don't always try to run off actually RP the traffic stop. Normally it means less jail time and just a small ticket compared to 20 minutes of your real life time. I mean lets face it in real life you really couldn't out run that Motorola radio. Just take the ticket and call it a good night.

    Drive like you would in real life, not doing 100 MPH in a 30 MPH zone. If you are just driving to drive and go to the store or something. Drive like any normal human being would. Make sure to be on the right side of the road because in the US we do not drive on the left. Stop at red lights depending the servers RP laws and etc. Remember in the real world you wouldn't know where all the cops are 24/7, so just act as if they are every in game as you would in real life.

    If you get hit by a vehicle, or are the vehicle who hit another vehicle. You should RP it, due to in real life if you hit a vehicle going 20 MPH, you are going to be a bit hurt and your vehicle could possibly be unable to continue driving. Remember when you get in a vehicle to put on your seatbelt as it is a safety precaution, to keep you from dying in a car wreck.

    Finding Nos:
    Alright to find nos in someones vehicle by actually searching it is understandable. No one in real life would leave the tank sitting in the window since it is illegal to use for street vehicles purposes. In other words just cause their tank is sitting in the plain view from the vehicle window or because their pipes have a blue/pinkish flame behind it doesn't mean you know they have Nos. Nos would normally burn as any vehicles fuel would, and is not easily noticeable by eye sight. You can search their vehicle once they are under arrest for something, then you can find the nos a lot more realistically.

    Killing someone:
    If you want to kill someone, do it rply. Kidnap them when they are alone. Take them out some where no one would really go looking for the body. You could also do it in a place and get rid of the body in multiple ways. No one really goes gunning someone down in the middle of the road. Make sure you have an RP reason for kidnapping and killing them though. As in they saw you during a mugging or something illegal.

    Mugging and fear:
    Lets face it if you were being mugged in real life and the person had a gun, you would give them the money. I mean come on 20$s isn't worth your life. RP being afraid and give them some of the money. If you are unsure how to RP this when they say put your hands up just type /handsup. As a mugger if you are mugging or robbing someone, you would want to /do what do I find? To ensure you don't PG the money and take it all from them. Cause in real life no one really carries 4000$s on them.

    Using a Radio:
    This is an IC instrument, do not use it for OOC reasons or to talk to your buddy oocly. Remember this is something used to give information normally to another person or to contact help if you are broken down on the side of the road and in need of emergency assistance.

    Broke down:
    If your vehicle broke down don't call an admin to Teleport you back to the city, call either a taxi or a friend to pick you up ICly.

    As things come more to my mind I will update this thread with more information. At this point you are probably wondering why should I listen to this guy, well I will tell you why you should heed my advice and guide. I have be doing RP things since I was around 10 years old. I am 24 now, meaning I have 14 years of experience and understanding of RP as well real life. This guide is to help new members or even some older members who didn't know most of this stuff and give them a chance to better their RP abilities. Remember criticism is the best way to get better at RPing also. If I might have not put something and you think it should be up here just let me know and I might place it in if it is relevant to this post. As of now I wish you the best and you managed to make it through all three sections of roleplaying.

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