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    Post by Shandrel_Beyns on Thu Jul 16, 2015 3:46 pm

    Why would you like to join the adminstration team? Because I'm on the server alot and I help out and deal with problems that are going on. I also help stop DM, as well as people breaking Rules.

    If you was chosen, what would you might do to help the players and our team? Tell us all of your experience as an admin IG: First of all would jail everyone who is breaking the rules, refund new players and help them. Instead of managing the server will do all that I will do it in his place and help to find bugs in the server.

    Have you special ingenuity to map with MTA Map Editor / Script the server / etc.. (If yes, talk a bit about that!) Nope.

    Do you agree with the requests and rules presented?Yes

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