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    (( In Character ))
    First name: Marc
    Last name: Abboud
    Date of birth: 1998/5/29
    Current address: Los santos
    Phone number: 8113
    Sex: Boy
    Nationality: Los santos
    Current employment: Nothing

    Have you ever been arrested before?: nope
    Do you hold a U.S citizenship documentation?: Not for now
    Do you have a valid U.S driver license?: if will purshase it right now
    List the qualifications you have: im Trainned to be in the lspd, im good driver , good shooter , skilled etc...

    Give a brief introduction of your background, upbringing and so on (minimum 200 words split in two paragraphs): I was born in the southern part of Los Santos, in a middle-class family. My father was Frank Williams senior and my mother Catherina Williams. They were both taking good care of me, and thereby I have had a nice childhood environment. During my childhood I had one sister and one brother. I was the older brother in the ring, and they were both looking up to me; that's one of the reasons that I want to represent a nice portrayal of how to live life. My father used to work at the SANews as one of the most known news reporters within the City of Los Santos. My mother worked at the Marina Beach Cafeteria as a waitress, whereas I enjoyed to stay after school; having a cup of coffee or chocolate. Apparently my father had a great interest within the Law and Order of the United States, and through him I was taught a lot within that category. At first, I went to the school of Los Santos and eventually I graduated to High School. I had a nice time there, great exams and I had a lot of friends. Sooner or later I became a student at the University of San Andreas in San Fierro. I lived at my aunt who - at the time - was living in Downtown, San Fierro. I studied there for three years, although I lived there for a full five years. During the time of my studies, I worked at the harbour of San Fierro; driving a truck.

    Have you ever been denied from the LSPD before?If yes, Link the Application): no

    Legal Documentation((Get a screenshot of you holding TAB IG and a screenshot of your /stats)) : |

    The Contract:
    I Marc Abboud , hereby certify under penalty of perjury that all information on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I understand that any falsification or omission of material facts may cause forfeiture on my part of all rights to be a Peacekeeper in the State of San Andreas. I understand all information on this application is subject to verification, and I hereby give my express permission for the LSPD to contact any person or agency for information related to my role and function as a Peace Officer in San Andreas. I hereby agree to abide all rules and regulations set by the server and LSPD.

    (( Out Of Character ))
    Past Character Names (If any): Marc Abboud
    What is your age: 17
    Playing Hours In-game (TLS Time In LS): 2hours in the old perpetual server
    Current location/country & Timezone: GMT +2
    How much can you be online daily?: 2+ Hours
    Why do you want to join the LSPD in this server? During my childhood I - like many others of my age - liked to watch action movies and movies regarding police work. As it turned out, I found the Law Enforcement category much interesting, which eventually has made be apply. I'd like to participate in the network of officers in Los Santos; I'm a happy and social guy, and I work very well in a team.
    Have you been RPing in any Law Enforcement Agency before?:
    Are you ready to use TS3?: No, sorry
    Are you Prepared to use a Mic?: No sorry
    Do you understand PG-RP Server rules?: yeah
    Have you ever been Admin Jailed?if Yes, How many times & what reasons): Never

    Do you understand and agree to abide by the rules of the higher ranked officers and understand that failure to do so will result in revoke of you from the Los Santos Police Department and termination of your Law Enforcement duties?:yes

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