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    los santos sheriff's department Rules Empty los santos sheriff's department Rules

    Post by Carl_Smith on Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:11 pm

    1- Always be on duty, ready for anything
    2- Don't go undercover or in swat mode unless ordered to by Captain or a Chief
    3- Always use Police Vehicles (unless your undercover)
    4- Don't steal any random vehicle you want
    5- Don't drive other gangs cars
    6- You may take out your weapon, don't fire it unless ordered to
    7- Don't beg for promotions, money, it gets super annoying
    8- When using a police vehicle always remember to use your mega phone to talk to the car your in pursuit of.
    9- When pulling a suspect over, don't park in the middle of the road
    10- Always ask the suspect your talking to for his ID before you call him by his name
    11- When frisking a suspect, tell his first
    12- When taking away a suspects illegal items you may not take his materials
    13- When giving a ticket to suspect don't over do it (Example: 15k for parking on bank stairs..)
    14- When setting an arrest time limit don't set it for super high lengths, 1 hour is way! to long, be reasonable
    15- Don't mod cars
    16- Don't use NOS. If you see a suspect using it, pull him over
    17- When flying the SASD chopper don't land it where ever you feel like it
    18- Cadets must ride with a higher rank at all times
    19- Don't spam talk
    20- If you get a prank 911 call, plaese look into it and fine the suspect

    1-Don't PG
    2-Don't MG
    3-Don't DM
    4-Don't RK
    5-Don't SK
    6-keep /r ICly only
    7-Don't Ask For Promostion Do your Job and you will Get it!

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